Indigo Dark Blue stonewashed linen Top⎮Flat sheet


Indigo Dark Blue luxurious stonewashed medium weight linen Flat/Top sheet. King and Queen sizes.

Our luxurious, stonewashed natural linen sheets are made of medium weight extra wide softened pure linen fabric (genuine European flax, Masters of Linen and Oeko-Tex 100 certified). Simple, elegant design-top edge is nicely folded.

Medium weight linen fabric. Extremely soft and velvety texture.

Very rich and mysterious, dark navy colour will surely impress even the most sophisticated customer. Will be perfect addition to any linen bedding. You may choose to match with contrasting linen colours to create unique bedroom style.

Easy care instructions: machine wash normal cycle, temperature bellow 40C, occasional tumble drying on very low heat for instant softness. Dark colours to be washed separately. No ironing required.

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