Lilac Waffle Linen Pillowcase | Super heavy natural linen


Super heavy waffle textured 100% natural linen Lilac Linen Euro size pillowcase 

We consider ourselves very lucky having a chance to get our hands onto this amazing waffle textured natural linen. Being super heavy weight, which makes it really expensive linen fabric, but undeniably worth every single penny! Waffle natural linen fabric is being exclusively woven for us. The weight of the fabric is 650gsm.

Simple, "housewife" design, envelope closure at the back of the case. 

Lilac waffle pillowcases are versatile interior styling detail: can be used for any interior, be it humble rustic, modern loft, retro, French Provincial inspired or classic house. 

Waffle linen fabric has been stonewashed to make it supple, chunky, deliciously soft and cozy. The texture of waffle linen reminds of very chunky knitted piece.

Care instructions: machine wash warm (not hot) temperatures; occasional tumble drying on low heat to give softly creased look, otherwise line drying; no ironing required; no dry cleaning and no bleaching. Avoid using harsh washing detergents as it may affect linen longevity! 

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