Natural (Undyed), Rustic, Heavyweight Linen Pillowcase


Rustic, heavyweight, natural linen fabric has been stonewashed and handcrafted into these charming pillowcases, which may be used on their own to decorate your contemporary, luxurious bedroom. These pillowcases may also be used to complete your linen bedding when choosing our Rustic, natural linen duvet covers. These oxford-style pillowcases are decorated with a 4cm border around the perimeter featuring an envelope closure at the back. This homespun-like linen fabric speaks for itself so we decided not to complicate the design and leave it as simple as possible. 

Natural linen is the healthiest, most sustainable choice of textile for your body and bedroom. Flax fibre is incredibly hard wearing and gets softer with every wash, yet maintains its sturdiness. All of our linens are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means there are no potentially harmful chemicals used throughout the entire process of linen making.


Care instructions: normal machine wash under 40C; tumble drying on low heat, no ironing required to maintain relaxed and wrinkled texture; no bleaching and no dry cleaning. 

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