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This natural rustic rough homespun feel, heavy weight natural linen quilt/duvet/doona cover "has been born" as a result of a very special custom order from a Very Special Customer. 

This request was a real inspiration to create unique, authentic vintage/old times look-and- feel bed linen which speaks for itself, has a real charm and character. It is tribute to homeland.. connection between the past and the present. 

This is a timeless linen bedding, which will be passed from generation to generation.

Quilt cover is made of 3 panels: middle wide panel and 2 narrower side panels. Quilt closure at the top bottom (almost the end of the duvet) with charming wooden buttons.

Linen fabric has been stonewashed and softened. It is a real winter quilt/duvet- will keep you warm and cozy during cold nights. May also be used for summer also as a summer blanket without the insert.

Linen is the healthiest choice of textile for your bedroom. It is natural, anti-microbial, resistant to fungi, helps with skin break out problems like irritations, allergies or even eczema. In cool weather linen retains body heat and keeps you warm and cosy, while during hot summer nights it will absorb moisture and excess heat, feels dry, fresh and cool against your skin. Linen is very hard wearing. It will only get softer and softer (but not weaker) with every wash. Will last eternity.

Care instructions: normal machine wash, can be tumble dried, no ironing required to maintain vintage look and feel. No dry cleaning.

This exclusive listing is made to order, so please allow between 4-5 weeks before dispatch.

If you can't see your size from a drop down menu, please let us know and we will be happy to make it! Just contact us and we will be able to help you.

Please note, this listing is for quilt/duvet/doona cover only and does not include pillowcases. 

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Our Customer's review for Rustic Rough Heavy weight linen duvet cover:

"...As a child, I used to wonder what it would be like to sleep in a cloud – now I know. This pure linen duvet is as close as it comes to heaven, I’m sure :) The craftsmanship is exceptional, and the quality of this linen is honest, rustic, yet super soft and deliciously tactile. Timeless bed linen today, which will become a true family heirloom..." (Vicki, Tecoma, VIC)

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