Peppercorn (Dark Grey), Waffle Linen Blanket- Extra Heavy Natural Linen


Large amounts of pure linen yarn have been used to weave this waffle textured, linen textile making the blanket quite heavy (weighting over 5 kg (11 lbs). This thick,  natural linen blanket truly looks like a chunky hand-knitted piece that is not only a super stylish accessory for your contemporary home, it is a comfortable textile to sleep in.

Our natural linen blanket can be used as a comforter, a throw for cooler nights or serve as a unique bed cover and its dark and rich 'Peppercorn' grey or charcoal grey colours are super practical as they can easily be matched with any other colours around your home.  This blanket is perfectly suitable for U.S. Full, Double, Queen or King beds and if folded in half, they can be used for smaller sized beds. Waffle linen has been stonewashed to make it supple, airy and deliciously soft ensuring they last an eternity.

Waffle linen blankets are also available in other colours:

 Waffle blanket size 255x300cm (118"x100")



Care instructions: normal machine wash, warm (not hot) temperatures; can be tumble dried on low heat; no ironing required; no dry cleaning.




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