Rustic Ticking Stripe Heavy Weight Linen Duvet/ Quilt Cover


NEW BEDDING: Rustic Natural and White Ticking Stripe linen duvet (quilt/ doona) cover. Rustic rough heavy weight stonewashed linen fabric. Natural/ Pure white stripes. 

Heavy weight Rustic linen is so tempting and it is very hard to choose the colour- it seams like you want it all. 

We are truly delighted to launch our newest pinstripe patterned heavy weight linen bedding- 100% natural European linen. We are always very passionate about stripes, and Natural/ Pure white ticking stripe pattern is an eternal Classic! 

Natural (taupe) and pure white stripes.

The design of the quilt/duvet cover is the same as all our Rustic Rough bedding: duvet cover is made of 3 panels: middle wide panel and 2 narrower side panels. Duvet closure at the top bottom (almost the end of the duvet) with light wooden buttons.

Stonewashing creates beautiful, very soft and pleasant to skin texture. This particular heavy weight linen will keep you warm and cozy during cold nights. 

Please note, this listing is for duvet cover only and does not include pillowcases. 

Care instructions: normal machine wash warm, not hot temperatures-dark colours separately, tumble drying occasionally on low heat, no ironing required to maintain vintage look and feel. No dry cleaning.

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