Silver Grey Stonewashed Linen Bath/Spa Robe.


Silver Grey natural stonewashed linen bath/spa robe. Dressing gown. Luxurious linen loungewear

New addition to House of Baltic Linen vintage inspired luxurious linen sleepwear collection- Silver light grey linen stonewashed linen robe.

Long linen gowns were made using 1950's vintage women robe designs. We wanted to recreate old fashioned look as close as possible. And the result speaks for itself- long, almost ankle length gown made from pure softly wrinkled linen.

Silver Grey medium weight genuine European linen ankle length spa/bath robe (gown) with wide linen belt. 

Incredibly soft and sensual to skin, genuine European, stonewashed linen sleepwear is simple but so elegant and sophisticated. Pure luxury!

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