Sky Blue stonewashed linen Top⎮Flat sheet


Luxurious Sky Blue linen top sheet made of expensive extra wide genuine European pure linen fabric. Simple, elegant design-top edge is nicely folded. Queen and King sizes available.

Imagine pure, natural, softest linen fabric against your skin, the delicate aroma of grass, hay- so alive and vivid you can almost feel warm embrace of summer. Wake up every morning in your beautiful linen sheets feeling younger, refreshed and well rested. Your body will thank you for this wonderful night sleep. 

Linen is the healthiest textile for your your entire family. It is anti-microbial, resistant to fungi, helps to calm skin break outs, perfect for people with asthma, suffering from allergic skin disorders like rash or eczema. In cool weather linen sheets will retain body heat keeping you warm and cosy, while during hot summer nights it will absorb moisture and excess heat, feels dry, fresh and cool against your skin.

Natural linen bedding will soften but not weaken with the time and will last twice as cotton or any other fabric.

Easy care instructions: machine wash normal cycle on warm (not hot) temperature, occasional tumble drying on low heat to maintain softness, otherwise line drying recommended. No ironing required.

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