Waffle Linen Blanket, Ivory. Extra Heavy natural linen


Ivory waffle textured natural linen Blanket/ Bed Cover/ Coverlet / Bedspread/ Throw Blanket. Stonewashed Super Heavy weight natural linen. 

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work with this unique super thick and very heavy waffle textured natural linen fabric, which has been woven for House of Baltic Linen. Waffle linen texture reminds of chunky knit and makes the whole blanket feel indulgently soft and fluffy.

In 2016 Premier Vision textiles exhibition in Paris, waffle textured linen has been chosen as one of the hottest trends in home textiles industry. It is expensive fabric, but knowing how much flax has been used in order to weave this exquisite and unique fabric it truly worth every single penny!

Waffle linen blanket can be used as a gorgeous bed cover, cozy summer blanket, warm comforter or just a trendy and fashionable home styling accessory. So soft and huggable!

Ivory colour will suit any bedroom or make a statement in your house. Will be loved by every family member.

Generously large size 300x255cm / 118"x100" suitable for either Queen, King bed or even Super King size bed.

Waffle fabric has been stonewashed to make it supple and deliciously soft and inviting. Heavy weight linen (blanket weights more than 5kg).

This is a real family heirloom piece will be passed from generation to generation.

Waffle linen blankets are also available in other colours:

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