Grainsack Heavyweight Linen Duvet Cover/ Limited edition


Our specialty heavyweight and rustic-inspired linen is so unique we understand how hard it can be choosing the right one for you! It seems like you want them all. As creators of Rustic linen bedding, we want to make our bedding in every colour and shade available! We finally took the courage and time to create the duvet cover using our signature extra heavy 450gsm Grainsack linen fabric. As the linen is one of the heavier ones, the weight of the duvet cover is impressive- well over 4 kg, which means, once you dress your duvet, you will end up with scrumptious, most lovable bedding piece. A piece which will serve you as a weighted blanket, so your restful and healthy sleep is guaranteed! Grainsack linen reminds of a real vintage treasure passed from generation to generation with great care and much love- so indulgent and comforting. The weight of our Grainsack linen is 450gsm, which is almost 3 times thicker and heavier compared to any other conventional linen bedding, usually ranging from 150gsm to 165gsm. Grainsack heavyweight linen duvet cover, as all of our Rustic linen duvet covers, is made of 3 panels: one wide, middle panel and 2 narrower side panels featuring a wooden button closure at the bottom edge. Each piece we make for you has been pre-laundered and softened, therefore, feels unbelievably soft to touch and looks super comfortable and cozy. 

Grainsack linen duvet cover is currently available in Blue stripe and Black stripe.

Care instructions: normal machine wash under 40C; tumble drying on low heat, no ironing required to maintain relaxed and wrinkled texture; no bleaching and no dry cleaning. 

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